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Canberra Monaro


2018 Information Brochure as at April 2018
2018 Calendar of events as at April 2018
2018 Going Fourth Registration Form

Application for Attendance on a Walk (sponsorship form)
The closing date for applications is two weeks before the starting date of the walk. Applications will not be accepted after that date.

Walk to Emmaus Promotional Pack
Part 1 (20 MB power point file)
Part 2

Canberra Monaro By-laws - Community By-laws from June 2010. Minor updates in September 2011.

Blessing before meals (MP3)

Blessing after meals (MP3)

Blessing Before Meals
Gathered at this table, Holy Spirit come!
Fill us with Your presence, bind our hearts as one.
Bless this time together, Jesus give us peace.
Come, Lord be with us, join us as we meet.
Come, Lord be with us, bless this food we eat.

Blessing After Meals

As we leave this table, fed by Your own hand,
Holy Spirit fill us, ‘till we meet again.
Jesus as we leave here, let us walk Your way,
Sharing God’s blessings, as we do and say,
Sharing forever, Your love here today.

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